March 2018


In my last article, I gave a quick overview of the Hyperledger Composer framework to build a business network with a private blockchain technology. I used a land registry network to show how the framework works. We then used a React application to use the REST API provided.

This time, instead of using the REST API, I made a little command line application using the Javascript API. The concept is simple. You enter commands in your terminal to trigger actions ( retrieve data, create assets and/or transactions ). We will re-use the same land registry network I used in the previous article.

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What is consensus in a blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized ledger that runs on a peer to peer network. In the case of a public blockchain like Bitcoin, thousands or perhaps millions of anonymous users participate in this blockchain. How do we achieve trust in such a system, or in a private blockchain? This is where the consensus comes in. The consensus assures that the participants will trust each other and the validity of the next block. A consensus ensures that the network’s rules will be followed and that there is only one truth in the blockchain environment.
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