On choosing how to make money as a developer


In the world we live in today, a person looking for a job is no longer restricted by the location he lives in. The state of communications makes it a lot easier to work from home, for a company on the other side of the planet. Entrepreneurship allows individuals to look for work all by themselves, without having to rely on a company to do it for them. Many people choose this way of making money, taking care of every step along the way. It is an ode to freedom, having the responsibility to market its skills, and choose who you want to work with.
I currently am looking for a job. So, because the prospect of freedom is appealing, I decided to look a bit deeper at the possibilities in front of me. In this blog post, I will list the things I found in my researches.

The employee

Let’s start by the most common, being an employee. Surely the safest way to make money each month. As long as I am employed, I get my check at the end of the month. Depending of your country, you will get different advantages with it. We can distinguish, in my opinion, two sorts of employees. The first one will be the ‘Go to the office everyday’, probably the only one our parents are aware of. But, in the industry of technology, a second kind of employee was born: the work-from-home employee. The remote position. The freedom of working from home, while having a safe check at the end of each month. Pretty appealing.

My take: Jobs involving Node.JS around my area are very rare. As of now, I am more looking for remote positions. Even if I am not extremely please with it, I might have to consider moving closer to a larger city where I will have more options.

The freelancer

The second option I considered was to become a freelancer. The freelancer is responsible for finding is own clients. He has to market himself, convince potential clients, do the work. This option probably embodies the idea of freedom the most. No boss, no colleagues. You choose the work you want to do (assuming you have enough work to be picky). It is also less safe than the employee. Since you are in charge of finding your own work, your income is not always guaranteed. Especially when you are starting out. How can you convince people that you will do a good job, if you’ve never done a job before?

My take: I am currently starting to freelance. It will allow me to have more experience and make some money on the side while I keep looking for a job. Of course, I don’t close the door to becoming a full-time freelancer, but it simply isn’t a priority right now.

The entrepreneur

I kept the most difficult option for last. The entrepreneur. The ‘let’s create my own startup king-of-guy’. I would be lying if I said I never entertained the idea. The entrepreneur is for sure the path that will be the most rewarding in terms of money and recognition. But it most certainly is a complicated route to follow. Creating a product, marketing, selling… It looks really attractive, and some of you are probably ready for this, but not me, not now.

My take: Preparation is key. I simply didn’t prepare for this possibility yet. Maybe in a few years when I am more certain about my career.


For me, the plan is as follows: Find a job, become an employee. It seems like the logical first step in a career. Like I said, I am currently looking for remote position while considering a possible relocation in the near future. On the side, I am starting to do some freelancing, for the experience and of course a bit of money. It will also force me to learn how to market myself to potential employers.

As always, let me know what you think.
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